boxsets not fully found

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boxsets not fully found

Post by estate » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:55 pm

For instance: Elvis Presley, A legendary performer, has 26 CD's but musicnizer only finds vol 1,2,3 and one or two of the special CD titles.

Why ? looks like MN does not read the site correctly (discogs) and therefor can not find the correct info Some extended testing reveals that all text between brackets is causing the problem in my folder names (and perhaps more people have the same)

My folder names have (year when released) after the folder name and it would be best if Mn ignores thes bracketted text.

When it ignores it the search will improve by at least over 60% and even more, just because it does not always come up with the "I don't know this file so select it yourself" question :)

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