What's new in Musicnizer?

[!] Important
[+] New
[*] Changes
[-] Fixed error

Version 7.2 (Build 429 from 09/17/14)

[!] Added extended filters for albums and artists. Such filters can be
created in a special window or from search results.
[+] It is now possible to filter by bitrate. This option is available in 
the extended filters.
[+] On the collection tab, you can select an item and download 
information for all albums of the item.
[+] A new image type, CD label, was added.
[+] Pictures from the program can be easily saved to any folder of your
[+] When adding music albums from files, you can now select or unselect
just highlighted files / folders.
[+] It is now possible to remove links to missing audio files.
[+] Added statistics by artists.
[+] Disc type (studio album, live, single, etc.) is now shown on the 
album page.
[+] All albums of a certain type can be displayed.
[+] Added an option to display all albums by the disc release year.
[+] Rating of albums is shown in discographies.
[+] On the album page, you can now rate individual tracks.
[+] If an artist is listed as a track artist for some "Various artists" 
album, the album will now be displayed in the discography of the artist.
[-] Fixed wrong total size of albums for combinations like FLAC + CUE.
[-] Fixed saving artist when adding albums by barcode.
[-] Fixed importing CUE sheets containing links to multiple audio files.
[-] Fixed other bugs.

Version 7.1 (Build 419 from 03/17/14)

[-] Fixed bugs.

Version 7.1 (Build 413 from 03/15/14)

[!] Custom fields and lists are now available for artists, too.
[+] Added a new user interface, Orange.
[+] On the search tab, it is now possible to search for albums that
are not in the collection.
[+] For artists without photos, photos can now be downloaded
[+] Information about record labels is now available in Reports.
[+] On the "Collection" tab, a new variable, %40, allows sorting albums
by the date added.
[+] The "Add album / artist" window remembers its size between sessions.
[+] The Ctrl + D hotkey combination helps creating Dune HD information
pages for the current album.
[*] The focus of the "Add album / artist" window is automatically set
to the field where you enter titles and names.
[*] On the toolbar, width of arrows that open dropdown options for the
corresponding buttons was increased.
[-] Fixed bugs.
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Version 7.0 (Build 399 from 12/23/13)

[!] Licensing changes. Now a single registration code works for all 
[+] Added support for WavPack (.wv).
[+] Showing pie charts in the statistics.
[+] On the Pictures tab of the Edit info window, several pictures can be 
[+] When you navigate using "Back" and "Forward" buttons, the scrolling 
position is saved.
[+] It is now possible to change size of icons on the main toolbar.
[+] Items on the "Collection" tab can be moved up and down the list.
[+] You can add any audio formats in the file scanner settings.
[+] When creating a backup copy, the program checks database integrity.
[+] Creating an illustrated catalog for Dune HD players with a different 
network name.
[*] Improved support for Unicode in Dune HD patterns.
[*] When you start the program, it automatically checks for newer 
versions of scripts and download new scripts.
[-] Fixed deleting albums from a discography.
[-] Fixed reading disc number from WAV files.
[-] Fixed other bugs.
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Version 6.0 (Build 361 from 03/13/13)

[!] Musicnizer now fully supports Unicode.
[!] New user interface: Breeze.
[!] 7 new interface languages added.
[+] An option to create a new category for your illustrated Dune music 
displaying a list of all tracks.
[+] Music Path Changer plugin was added.
[+] The Pause button was added.
[+] Checking for newer versions of the current scripts in the background.
[+] It is now possible to add several pictures at once in the "Edit 
info" window.
[+] Closing tabs with a middle button click.
[+] Opening a new inactive tab with a middle button click on a link.
[+] An option to delete thumbs from the "File" menu.
[+] Custom fields and lists are now available on the Collection tab and in 
[*] It is now possible to set just the year when a band was founded.
[*] New date format to show last added and last updated albums more 
[*] Updated scripts.
[-] Fixed reading tags from FLAC files.
[-] Fixed reading WAV tags.
[-] The Melomania import plugin was fixed/ updated.
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Version 4.3 (Build 292 from 6/28/12)

[+] It is now possible to add Audio CDs in the album's "Edit info" 
[+] New reports to print Audio CD covers.
[+] New database backup and restore engine.
[+] Search for album covers and photos of artists with Google Images.
[+] Track artists are shown on the album page.
[*] Adding discs to an existing album and linking tracks with files is 
easier now.
[*] Improved plugins to import information from other music organizers.
[*] Improved support for M4a files.
[*] Improved adding albums from files.
[-] Bugs fixed.
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Version 4.2 (Build 263 from 2/29/12)

[!] Faster downloads for the main scripts.
[+] When information is downloaded, the name of the current 
album/artist is displayed along with a counter.
[+] Buttons for the next/previous album in the "Edit info"
[+] Support for tabbed interface.
[+] An option to protect your music database with a password.
[+] Quick search by filename or folder name.
[*] The Melomania import plugin has been improved.
[-] Fixed adding albums from Audio CDs
[-] Bug fixes.
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Version 4.1 (build 234) (8/05/11)

[+] Added custom search for album covers and photos of artists using
[+] The program starts faster now.
[+] Added cover and photo view for the list. Entries can be filtered
by their rating and by availability of covers.          
[+] Arrow keys can be used in the image viewer to browse photos.
[+] A double click on the album/artist information page will open the
Edit info dialog for the entry.        
[+] Group operations for people (currently only deleting).
[+] All albums /artists in the list can be selected with a single
click when using Group operations.    
[+] Album title/ artist's name can be changed on the search results
page to send a new query.        
[+] For Dune album catalog, it is now possible to create only new
[+] Added a plugin to import information from Melomania.
[+] Added the price field.
[+] Rating of songs is now shown on the album information page.
[-] Bugs fixed.
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Version 4.0 (build 224) (6/02/11)

[-] Fixed a bug with reports.

Version 4.0 (build 222) (5/27/11)

[!] First official version.

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