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Musicnizer stands for music organizer. As its name suggests, the program was created to help organizing music collections of any size. It will be equally useful for people that keep their records on Audio CDs, on vinyl LPs, on audio cassettes, on Audio DVDs, as audio files etc. Musicnizer can keep track of any audio format and will promptly tell you where exactly your favorite album is located (maybe you gave it your friend awhile ago?), how many albums of your favorite artist your have, what albums you'd like to add to your collection, and much more.

If you keep your music collection on a hard drive in some digital format (like MP3, FLAC, APE), Musicnizer will scan your music files, creating a catalog with a clear structure. It will download album covers, reviews, genres, and other information from the internet. For artists, Musicnizer can download photos, biographies, complete discographies, interesting facts. Use the program to explore the world of music, learn more about your favorite artists, get missing albums.

Musicnizer will create a colorful catalog of your music and forever change the way you interact with your collection. The program is capable of playing music in most popular audio formats (including MP3, WAV, OGG Vorbis, APE, WMA, FLAC), but it is also possible to associate files with your favorite audio player. Use filters and the powerful search engine to find the thing you are looking for. The built-in loan manager will notify you if some CD is still to be recovered from a friend. The location and disc number fields tell where exactly a particular CD or LP can be found, so you do not need to look through your entire music library.

Among other things, the program can create customizable printer-friendly reports. Comprehensive statistics of your music collection is also available.

Organize your music with Musicnizer, it's fun!

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