Database Password

After adding music albums into Musicnizer, you can protect your database with a password. This will prevent other people that use your computer from accessing or changing the details of your music catalog.

A collection in Musicnizer

By default, there is no password. To create one, select "File" - "Set up database password":

Set up database password

This will open a small window with two fields:

Creating a password

Enter your desired password into each field and click "Save" to apply changes.

You need to enter your password twice in order to protect yourself from possible typing errors. If you mistype your password in one of the fields, Musicnizer will display an error message:

Passwords do not match

After saving the password, you will be able to work with your current database as usual. However, next time you open it (or restart the program), a password prompt will be shown:

Enter your password

If a wrong password is provided, Musicnizer will display a message:

Access denied, wrong password

After this, your database will be opened without any read or write access. You will not be able to view / edit any existing information or add new details. To enter the correct password, restart the program and try again.

To remove any existing password, select "File" - "Set up database password" and hit "Save" without entering anything into the fields:

Remove password

When using a password, Musicnizer does not encrypt your database. If you need to make sure that your data cannot be accessed by professionals, consider employing a third-party encryption tool.

If you added music albums from files, please take into account that protecting your Musicnizer database does not have any effect on your audio files. You will still be able to access them, as usual, in Windows Explorer and other file managers.

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