Scan Music Files and Folders

If you keep your music collection as audio files, there is an easy way to organize the music with Musicnizer. The program supports all popular audio formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, OGG Vorbis, and many others. You can simply select folders to scan and let Musicnizer automatically read tags and detect album names. Alternatively, it is possible to use other methods of adding albums to your music catalog: add album titles, enter or scan barcodes, add Audio CDs.

Click the "Add album" button on the toolbar of the program.

Add music albums to your collection

This will open a new window. Select the "From files and folders" option. The content of the window changes, now the directory structure of your computer is shown on the right. Here you can select folders to scan. Network folders are shown, too.

Scan folders for audio files

After selecting some folders, click the "Find audio" button below the directory tree. The program will scan the selected folders and list all albums that it finds on the left (in the main list). If you want to make results as exact as possible, review the extracted information and edit album names where necessary. To edit a title, click it with your mouse and make necessary corrections:

Edit album titles if necessary

After reviewing the extracted titles you can download information about your albums from the internet. However, by default this option is disabled: all necessary information will be extracted from ID3 tags (or from other types of tags: FLAC, APE etc.). This will let you add your music to the database much faster, which is important for big music collections containing thousands of albums.

Some hints on adding albums from audio files.

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