Scan Barcodes of Music Albums

Musicnizer will help you organize your music collection, keeping all information about your Audio CDs, DVDs, music files in one place. You can add music albums to Musicnizer's database in several ways: let the program scan your audio files and folders, enter album titles manually, read information from Audio CDs, scan or enter barcodes.

When it comes to barcodes, there are three ways of entering them: using a barcode scanner, a web camera, or manually. Musicnizer supports all popular USB barcode scanners. If you do not have any barcode scanner, you can scan barcodes from your Audio CDs using a web-camera.

Click the "Add album" button on the toolbar:

Add music albums

This will open the "Add albums" wizard. Switch to the "By barcode" option:

Add barcodes of your music albums

Now you can scan barcodes from your CD boxes using a barcode scanner. If you want to use a web camera instead, connect the camera to your computer and choose it from the "Camera" list on the right. The click the "Begin" button to start scanning barcodes.

As you scan barcodes into the program, Musicnizer downloads some basic information about the albums and displays it in the list. When using a web camera, you can get wrong barcodes (if you get them often, click the "Recognition options" link and try adjusting recognition settings for your web camera). Remove such barcodes from the list by selecting them and clicking the yellow minus.

After adding your CDs you may want to download information about your albums from the internet.

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