Scan Audio CD Barcodes With a Web Camera

Albums can be added to the music organizer in a number of ways: add music album titles, add Audio CDs, scan folders for audio files, enter barcodes manually, enter barcodes using a barcode scanner.

Furthermore Musicnizer offers a unique feature: you can scan barcodes of your Audio CDs with a web camera.

To start adding music albums, click the "Add album" button on the toolbar:

Add music album to the database

This will open a new window. Select the "By barcode" mode:

Scan barcodes with your web-camera

If a webcam is connected to your computer, Musicnizer will automatically recognize it and show its name and settings on the right. If several web cameras are connected to your computer, you can select the one you'd like to use from the "Camera" dropdown list.

To start scanning barcodes with your web camera, click the "Begin" button and bring a CD box to the camera so that its barcode fits into the green frame of the preview area. Musicnizer will read the barcode. If recognition is successful, you will see some basic information about your album on the list, including the album cover. Now you can proceed adding other CDs, or if everything has been already entered, download information about music albums from the internet.

From time to time it may happen that a wrong code is recognized, or only a part of the code. In such cases the program is likely to get no information about the album, so you may need to try scanning the barcode again. If you cannot get the correct code to be recognized, consider adding more light (maybe it is too dark in your room). If this does not help either, try adjusting barcode recognition settings.

To adjust the settings, click the "Recognition options..." link just above the "Begin" and "Stop" buttons. This will open a window where various barcode recognition settings can be changed:

Barcode recognition options

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