Improvements and new features in Musicnizer 8.1

[+] Artists now have a sorting field.

Musicnizer 8.1 includes a new field for artists: sorting name. You can edit this name by clicking the "..." button next to the artist's name in the "Edit info" window.

Edit sorting name

To apply different sorting rules to the main list of artists, select "Manage" - "Sort artist list by":

Sort the list of artists in different ways

[+] The report builder can add the date when the report is created.

The new feature of Musicnizer 8.1 allows to print the date when you create your report simply by activating the corresponding option in the report builder:

Print report date

[+] User comments / reviews can now be downloaded from the internet.

Among other details, Musicnizer 8.1 is capable of downloading user comments and / or reviews from the internet.

[+] Extended filters are capable of defining their own sorting rules.

In Musicnizer 8.1, you can override the sorting rules of your main list, when you apply an extended filter. Just choose your preferred sorting rule in the extended filter's settings.

Sorting rules for extended filters

[+] In the Dune HD catalog, a new category is available - location.

Owners of the Dune HD media player can enjoy additional categories for their illustrated music catalogs. In particular, now music albums can also be sorted by location.

Location as a category for Dune HD music catalog

[-] Fixed bugs.

As usual, Musicnizer 8.1 includes other small improvements and bug fixes. You can always send us a feature request or report a bug on our forum or using the support form.

Other news.