Add Music Albums Using a Barcode Scanner

With Musicnizer you can start organizing your music collection in a couple of clicks. Just add your albums using any of the supported methods: add album titles, scan audio files and folders, add Audio CDs, or enter barcodes of your CDs.

Musicnizer offers a unique feature: it is possible to scan barcodes using a built-in or an external webcam. However, if you have a barcode scanner, you can use it to scan barcodes of your Audio CDs into the program, too. Musicnizer supports all USB barcode scanners

USB barcode scanners

 and such wireless scanners as Opticon OPN-2001.

Opticon OPN-2001

In order to add music albums to your collection using a barcode scanner, click the "Add album" button on the toolbar:

Add music album

Then select the "By barcode" option.

Scan barcodes of your Audio CDs

Now you can start scanning barcodes of your Audio CDs into the program. With such scanners as Opticon OPN-2001, you can scan your entire collection and then simply connect the scanner to your computer. Barcodes will be automatically recognized by Musicnizer and added to the list.

As you scan barcodes, the program recognizes them and downloads basic information about the albums.

After adding albums to Musicnizer you can download information about them from the internet.

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