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With the music organizer you can easily sort and search your collection. Add music albums to the program to enable the powerful features.

Musicnizer offers several tools that can help you find albums you search for: quick filter, quick search, the collection tab. Additionally, the entire album list can be sorted in several ways.

However, if you need to find albums that match a number of criteria, the search tab would be your choice.

Click the "Search" button on the toolbar to go to the search tab:

Open the search tab

Alternatively, you can select the tab directly:

The search tab

On the tab, specify what you are searching for (album or artist), then fill out any fields that you think are important. For example, we can find all albums by Blackmore's Night:

Music search results

Note that we entered "Blackmore's Night" into the "Name" field, as it is an artist, not an album.

It is possible to narrow down our search: specify years (from - to), rating, genre, disc#.

In just the same way we can list all albums of a certain genre (select the genre and leave all the other fields blank), albums with a certain rating etc. If you use custom fields, check the "Search by custom fields" box to enable the feature.

Search results can be used to generate printer-friendly reports.

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