Update Scripts

Musicnizer can download information about music albums and artists from the internet. The information may include covers, track list, reviews, discography, biography, photos etc. In order to receive the most accurate information you need to update your download scripts from time to time. By default the program does this at every start up, but you can also check for new versions of scripts manually.

Click "Tools" - "Update scripts...":

Update scripts

This will open a new window:

Check all scripts to get the latest versions for every available script

There are two buttons and two options. It is recommended to keep the "Check for new scripts automatically when starting" option active, but you can decide to check for updates manually and disable the option. This will allow the program to start faster.

Check "Download missing scripts" if you wish to receive new scripts. New online music databases can be added to the program from time to time, and this option will allow you to start using them immediately, without waiting for a new version of the program.

"Check used scripts" will check if new versions for the currently selected scripts are available. "Check all scripts" will check for new versions of all scripts.

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