Online Music Databases

Musicnizer can organize your music albums even without any internet access: it can scan your audio files and extract information from ID3 tags (FLAC tags, APE tags, and so on). It is also possible to fill out all the available fields manually. However, with an internet connection you can download album covers, reviews, ratings, biography, discography, photos of artists, and much more.

When downloading information about music albums or about artists, the program use the online music database that is selected on the "Scripts for albums" and "Scripts for artists" tabs of the "Options" menu respectively.

The list of available online music databases for albums

In order to switch to another database, just click it in the list. Click "OK" to close the window. Now the selected database will be used by default if you download information: add music albums or artists, update information about them.

When updating albums or artists, you can select where to download information from in an easier manner. In Musicnizer, go to the page of the album or artist that you want to update and click the arrow next to the "Download" button on the toolbar. This will open the list of available sources of information:

Choose where to download information from

You can customize this list by removing sources that you never use. This is done on the "Scripts for albums" and "Scripts for artists" tabs of the "Options" menu. To remove an online music database from the dropdown list, just uncheck the box on the left (see the first screenshot).

The currently active music database is shown in the title of Musicnizer:

Name of the currently active database is shown in the title

As it is possible to set one database for albums and a different one for artists, the information in the title refers only to the currently selected item (album or artist).

Use the script updater to keep your list of online music databases up to date.

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