Linking Albums to Audio Files

If you have some music albums in the form of audio files in any format (MP3, FLAC, APE, etc.), the easiest way to add them into Musicnizer is using the "From files and folders" option of the "Add album" dialog. But it is also possible to link an existing album from your database with the corresponding audio files. For example, we have added an album by title:

No files are linked to the album

Here all entries in the "Track list" are black, which means that they are not linked to any audio files.

Double click the page or click the "Edit info" button on the toolbar to open the "Edit info" window for the album:

Edit information about the album

In this window, click the "..." button next to the "Album path" field. This opens a file browser:

Select files of the album

Select the folder with the files of the corresponding album and click the "Find album files" button.

The file browser is closed, and we are back to the "Edit info" window.

Musicnizer compares information from ID3 tags with the existing titles. Matching tracks are linked to the corresponding files. However, it is possible that some tracks have slightly different titles, in which case they are not linked to the files. For such tracks, we can do that manually:

Linking individual tracks to files

In the track list, click the corresponding track in the "Filename" column. A folder icon will appear. Click the icon and select the audio file of the song:

Open the file of the song

When all files are linked, click the "Save" button to close the "Edit info" window. Now entries in the track list are shown as hyperlinks, and we can click a title to play the corresponding song:

Songs are now linked to audio files

With all albums properly linked to files, you can create an illustrated music catalog for Dune HD players.

If at some later point you move your files into a different location, use the Path Changer plugin to update their paths in Musicnizer.

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