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Musicnizer keeps all information about your music collection in one place, so that you can search and sort the collection in various ways, apply filters, generate reports, and much more. Depending on the media type, you can add music albums to the program in several ways: scan audio files, use a barcode reader or a webcam to add albums by their barcodes, add Audio CDs, or add music album titles. The latter method will work for all types of media, including Audio CDs, Audio DVDs, LPs etc.

You can edit or update information about your albums and artists as follows. Select an album or an artist from the list, so that its information page is shown on the right, and click the "Edit info" button on the toolbar:

Edit information about music album

This will open the "Edit/ Update" dialog:

Information about the music album

The dialog contains several tab: "General", "Other", "Description", "Comment", "Pictures". The "Pictures" tab allows you to add, remove and manage pictures connected with the album (for example, album covers). On the "Comment" tab you can add your own comments to the album. "Description" may contain a review of the album (for example, if you use Allmusic or another online music database that provides such information). The "Other" tab contains information about album labels and genres, links to web pages, and custom fields.

Here we will discuss the "General" tab shown on the screenshot above. As you see, it contains basic information about the album: title, artist, year, duration, rating. On this tab, you can specify whether the album is available in your collection, or if it is a wanted album. Check the "For sale" box if you are planning to sell the album, later you can see all your "For sale" albums using the Quick Filter menu.


In the lower part of the window, the complete track list of the album is shown. If you add your albums from files or from Audio CDs, links to your files or Audio CD tracks will be already available and displayed here (for example, the "Filename" column will be populated, as on the screenshot above). If you add album titles or barcodes, links to files will not be available here. Without links you will not be able to play your albums directly from the program or create a Dune music catalog.

There is an easy way to link album titles to existing files. On the right, click the magnifier button. This will open a new window.

Add files to the album

Browse to the location where your files are stored and check files or folders to scan. If your files contain correct ID3 tags (information about artists, titles etc.), in most cases you can even check your general folder where all the music is stored. Musicnizer will find the correct files. However, with this method, it will take more time, and sometimes you may receive wrong results.

Once you have selected a folder, click the "Find album files" button. Alternatively, you can select album files directly and click the "Add selected files" button. This will close the window, and album tracks will be linked to files.

Now we are back on the "General" tab (the first screenshot). On the right, you can see three additional tabs: "Discs", "Parameters" and "Comment". These controls allow entering information about editions of the album. You may have different versions of the same album: the first release, the same album containing several bonus tracks, a live edition of the album, and so on.

Editions of the album

You can add more editions, clicking on the green plus, remove selected editions from the list, specify disc type, title, and other details. Click the diskette button to apply changes.

The "Parameters" tab contains more information about the currently selected album edition, including its duration, barcode, size on the disc (if applicable), format.

Parameters of the edition

Additionally, you can specify disc#, location, and disc label. These fields can help you find physical media, like Audio CDs, LPs etc. Here you can also specify if you gave some disc to your friend. However, the built-in loan manager can be more useful in tracking loans.

On the "Comment" tab, you can add your own comments about the particular edition.

It is also possible to change fields for groups of albums at once.

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