Custom Fields for Artists

Musicnizer can download information about artists from the internet and save it into predefined fields: biography, discography, etc. This information can also be edited manually: you can add or remove albums from discographies, edit or enter biographies, etc.

Custom fields do not receive any downloaded information, but you can use them for any sort of manually entered information. This can be used later to sort and filter artists according to some properties that are important to you.

An example of custom fields in use:

Custom fields on the artist's page

Here, we have "Entity" and "Tags". These fields are not available in the program, so we used custom fields to create them. In fact, "Entity" is a custom field, while "Tags" is a custom list. There is one difference between them: a custom list allows using multiple values for the same artist, while a custom field offers its values exclusively. In our example, there are two possible values for the "Entity" field: "Person" and "Band". An artist cannot be both, it's either a person or a band.

At the same time, the screenshot above shows two values of the "Tags" field. We could include more, there is no limitation.

The values are represented as hyperlinks, which means that we can click them. This displays a page where all artists with this value are listed:

All artists with the custom field

Furthermore, quick filters can be applied to the main list of artists:

Quick filters for custom fields

Custom fields can also be used on the "Collection" tab for creating various sorting methods.

It is possible to assign a value of a custom field or list to several artists at once in Group Operations (using the right-click menu):

Set a custom field

To enter or change names for your custom fields and lists, go to the "Custom fields" tab of the "Options" window (F10):

Enter names for custom fields

Here, you can click in the "Your name" column and enter a name for the given custom field or list. In the next column, the "Edit" button appears. A click on it opens a new window, where values for the given custom field or list can be entered:

Entering values for a custom list

After entering values, do not forget to confirm everything with "OK", otherwise the values will not be saved into the database.

In the "Edit info" window for artists, there is a special tab for custom fields and lists:

Edit info - custom fields

Here you can select values for the artist. To add, remove or edit values, click the "..." button next to the corresponding custom field or list. This will open the same window that we have already seen (on the previous screenshot).

Custom fields and lists are also available for albums.

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