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Musicnizer offers quite a number of methods that help you to organize your music collection, after you add your music albums to it. You can search your database using multiple parameters (genre, year, custom fields etc.), quickly find an album or an artist, apply quick filters to see the list of wanted albums, albums for sale, albums filtered by their format, and so on. Yet another powerful feature is the "Collection" tab of the program that allows adding custom sorting methods. Here we discuss how items on the "Collection" tab can be added, removed or edited.

Click "Manage" - "Customize collection":

Customize your music collection

This will open a new window where you can edit collection items, remove them or add your own ones:

Add view modes, edit existing ones, or delete the ones you do not need

Just enter the format you'd like to use into the "Format" field. The list of available variables is shown on the right.

Enter a description for your format into the "Description" field. The description will be shown on the "Collection" tab and let you identify the new item.

Optionally, an image for the new collection item can be selected from the "Image" dropdown list.

Finally, click the green plus to add the new format to the collection tab.

To remove a format from the list, select it from the list and click the yellow minus.

You can also edit existing formats. Select a format from the list, update its "Format" / "Description" / "Image" fields and click the diskette button to save changes.

After closing the window with "OK" you will be able to use new or updated formats.

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