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After adding your music albums into Musicnizer you can enjoy sorting them in various ways, downloading information about artists, printing Audio CD covers, creating and printing reports, and more. For reports, your albums can be sorted and filtered in different ways. Here is an example: Print Report By Artist (click the link to learn more).

There are several pre-configured reports, and you can easily create your own templates using the Report builder. Additionally, it is possible to print any page that you see in the main area (on the right).

If you decide to print the page you see, click the arrow near the printer button on the toolbar of the music organizer:

Send the current page to a printer

There are two entries: "Reports" (which opens the Reports window with a further option to print) and "Print page". Select the latter option: "Print page".

This opens a preview window:

Preview for the page

Check if everything is correct and click the "Print" button (the upper left corner of the window). This will invoke the usual dialog for your printer, allowing you to specify some settings and select a printer (if you have several, including virtual printers).

This feature allows printing pages in the 'what you see is what you get" manner. This is different from reports, where information from your music database is arranged according to the selected template (report).

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