Sorting And Filtering In Reports

After adding your music albums into Musicnizer, you may want to print the list or Audio CD covers, or create a PDF containing covers, track lists, etc. This can be done using Reports:

Open Reports

But what if you need to print only a part of your music catalog?


Most filters available in Musicnizer can also be applied to reports. This includes:

  • The "Quick Filter" menu, where you can select albums by location, format, or by custom fields. Additionally, "wanted" and "for sale" albums can be displayed.
  • The quick search field together with Group operations. An example: select all albums of an artist.
  • The "Search" tab. Here you can enter a number of parameters, find albums that match the conditions and create a report. The report will display only the results of your search.
  • The letter filter on the toolbar. You can depress a letter to display all albums starting with the letter, then go to reports.
  • It is also possible to select albums in the Group operations manually. Only selected albums will be exported to reports.
  • The "Collection" tab. Here you can select any item and create a report for the item.

An example for the last option. In the "Artist\Album" item, we selected an artist and chose to create a report:

Create a report for the selected item

As a result, we get all albums of the artist:

A report for an artist


The same is true for sorting methods: reports are sorted according to the method selected in the main window. You can apply the following ones:

  • The "Collection" tab. Here you can create many different sorting methods and apply any of the to Reports, as we have already described above. An example: print report by artist. There is a difference between this example and the one from the previous section: here, all albums of your collection sorted by artist will be displayed in the report, while in the previous section, only albums of a single artist were displayed. In the same way, you can apply any other sorting method.
  • The main list of albums can be sorted using the "Manage" - "Sort album list by" menu item.

Sort the main list of albums

  • On the "Search" tab, search results can be sorted according to the method selected in the "Sort by" field.

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