Sorting The Main List Of Albums

The "Albums" tab on the left shows a list of your music albums. Those are the albums you added into Musicnizer by title, from files and folders, from Audio CDs, or by scanning barcodes. Albums can be displayed as a detailed list (default) and as album covers.

Album list

In the both modes, albums are sorted according to the "Manage" - "Sort album list by" menu:

Sort your music albums by the selected field

As of this writing, albums can be sorted by:

  • Title
  • Release year
  • Date the album was added into Musicnizer
  • Disc#
  • Your rating (stars)
  • Site rating (the downloaded ratings)

Use this menu to control how your albums are sorted on the "Albums" tab.

Additionally, this list can be filtered.

Similar sorting options are available for search results on the "Search" tab.

If you need to sort your albums by a field that is not available in this menu, just switch to the "Collection" tab. There you can create your own sorting rules.

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